About Us


Who We Are:

Charity Champions is a 501(c)(3) devoted to helping charitable organizations further their causes. We are a small group who take our combined strengths and lend it to those non-profit organizations that need help continuing their work. We specialize in working with animal rescue and adoption groups, but are willing to help any cause in need. We believe that every charity needs a champion, and our goal and sole purpose is to raise funds and awareness for causes that need help.

What We Do:

Charity Champions selects other 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations to work with through an application, presentation and voting process. Once our committee agrees to champion a cause, we work with that non-profit to organize small fundraisers, adoption events, shopping events, and large fundraisers. Our signature event is our annual Bark After Dark benefit, held the first weekend of each February. Charity Champions works with a  variety of causes and partners throughout each year, with our time and effort going to whoever we feel needs us most. We work tirelessly to help our causes – whether we’re functioning as their director of development, social media director, event planner, PR agency, volunteers, web developers, and sometimes all of the above.

Why We Exist

Each member of the Charity Champions committee is committed to a life of giving back. We each were looking for a way to use our individual talents for the greater good of our community, and hadn’t quite found the perfect organization to do so. We realized that forming our own group, and selecting causes we were passionate about on a continuous basis was the perfect way to go. So we started small (our committee is currently at capacity with 9 members) and started searching all of Broward and Palm Beach counties for causes we were passionate about. While we all share the common bond of loving animals, we want to help as many causes as possible – so we aren’t strictly limited to working with animal rescue groups. We’re friends first, who realized that together we can do amazing things when we combine our talents, and decided to do something about it. We hope that Charity Champions will continue to grow and support more and more of the great non-profit organizations in South Florida and beyond.

How You Can Get Involved

While our committee is currently limited to 9 members, we hope and expect to grow. Those who would like to apply to join the committee can see our new applicant and new member process here (coming soon). For those who would like to champion these wonderful causes, but can’t commit to the full scope of committee membership, please visit our member at large information page.

 Charity Champions is a registered 501(c)(3) organization based in Florida. Tax ID #46-5523057